Space mages battling lovecraftian beasts all wrapped up in neon colors and a gorgeous 90s vibe. If that doesn’t get your attention then you are no friend of mine!
— Dennis Wedin (Hotline Miami)
If you like theme, games with a high level of social interaction, and capturing violent galactic beings in crystals (I love all of these things), then you’ll agree with me when I say this is a game that really stands as an example of a Kickstarter game gone right.
— Dice Temple
If you like games like Munchkin, Dungeon Run, or Cosmic Encounter because of the alliance mechanic, you might want to check this out, because this really does a good job of taking those games’ mechanics and making them its own.
— SuperflyCircus


Strategically build and explore the Zoneplex pyramid by laying tiles and moving to control Zones.

Take Action

Combat the creatures within the Zoneplex with help from your fellow players. But negotiate your terms wisely!



The bravery and guile of all players will be rewarded, but there can only be ONE winner.


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Zoneplex: Evocation Expansion Available Now!

(Base Zoneplex game required for play)

Evocation refines and streamlines 3-5 player game play and adds a 1-2 player challenge mode!
Evocation comes with 11 new game-tiles and downloadable original soundtrack.